BBC Botswana

Web Design | 2018


The challenge for BBC Botswana was to tell the story of Botswana to the world, celebrating 50 years of independence from Great Britain.

We needed to create an online platform to continually add content over a 6-month period from launch. This included things such as BBC archive footage, bespoke editorial content, videos and interviews with current Botswana people.

Final design of the BBC website

Discovery & Exploration

From the get-go, we knew that we needed to create an online platform with the ability to develop and grow with content, while also being easily accessed on any device.

The target audience for this campaign was high net worth individuals, those in other governments and trade and invest areas, as well as potential tourists. This was very helpful to receive as it also gave me an insight into the visual style I should approach.

Picture of a laptop with notes while researching


By creating low-fidelity wireframes, I was able to test out ideas from a variety of approaches before investing hours of time on one design when It might not have the best user experience.

Also knowing it was going to be the starting foundations of something that will grow with content, I had to make sure that the design itself was modular and could support this, therefore by testing out wireframes with the goals in mind guided me towards a grid-based design.

The benefit of using this grid-based design is: the content can be easily updated without affecting the overall design, it will be easily responsive, it will keep the content organised and help with the visual hierarchy.

One last thing, by using this approach we can also break the grid for extra impact, gotta know the rules to break the rules. 😏

Wireframes of the site

Visual Design

Below are a few selected screens from the final design.

Homepage design
Mobile design
Adverts that sat on that will link to my Botswana page

Outcome & Future considerations

As the campaign is now over, we were thrilled with the result and how it also achieved its important goal: making it quick and easy for visitors to explore amazing content such as celebrating British-African culture and influence, the story of their first president and his British wife and showcasing unsung heroes and exemplary women from Botswana.

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