Business Directory

Branding / print | 2017


The London Business Directory lists the company information and contact details of over 550 dynamic Business Junction members across every size, sector and expertise.

Anddd it was my job to design the front cover of the directory.😨

Photograph of laptop with design on screen

Discovery & Exploration

While speaking to the client, I found out they had many initial ideas and possible routes they would like to go down, which was fantastic.

This meant that I was able to note them all down and collate collaboratively with the client to work out what we did like and what we didn’t like, to come up with the best ideas we were both happy with.

Sticky notes on screen

First Drafts

Below are some of the first drafts I came up with.

First drafts of front cover design

Second drafts

Collating the feedback from the client on what they did and didn’t like from the front covers meant that I was able to then create the second round of changes, which you can see below.

Second drafts of front cover design

Final design

At this stage I only had a few final tweaks to get the design signed off, below is the final design.

Final design
Final design on front cover of a book
Photograph of me working on the design

Outcome & Future considerations

Personally, I was very happy with how this project turned out, originally I was up against hundreds of other designers and to have my design chosen to be used as the front cover for that year made me extremely proud.

I think If I was to do this again, one future consideration I would have would be not to underestimate sketching in the early stages. Even if you’re not the best drawer (which I am not!) it’s super efficient and quick to make sure the client and you are on the same page from the get-go!

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