Gold Key Media

Web Design | 2017


Gold Key Media is a media distribution & audience engagement agency. The challange was to supply newspapers and magazines in both print and digital formats. These would go out worldwide to the corporate, leisure, travel, luxury and event sectors.

From this, our aim was clear, to improve the overall UX of their current website and create a positive user journey that aligns with their existing marketing strategy.

Final design

Discovery & Exploration

The client had a very clear vision for what they wanted to accomplish through this redesign. However, before taking this into conseration I reviewed their previous site to get an understanding of what might be missing, what can be repurposed or what will have to be built from scratch.

After this, by using analytic tools such as Google Analytics and Hotjar, I was able to dive in and discover such things as: where the visitors are located, visualize what people click on the most and what are some of the worst performing pages.

Once all this is done, I was able to speak to the client and discuss their vision and what improvements we can make by the discoveries made.

Photograph of a screen with numbers and figures


After the research and the discussion with the client, I was able to quickly draft up some low-fidelity wireframes. This enabled me to start thinking about the layout and the content structure of the page, keeping in mind my earlier discoveries and what the clients goals are.

Futhermore, another benefit from doing this is that it allowed me to fizzle out early problems which appeared, for example, having certain content displayed clearly and within the thumb zone on mobile.

Picture of wireframes

Visual Design

Below are a few selected screens from the final design.

Desktop design
Mobile design
Desktop design

Outcome & Future considerations

The redesign was well received within the company and much to our delight, the new design worked wonders, performing better than the old one in key areas.

While there was a tight timeline to launch the new site, I think for future considerations, it would have been benefical to spend more time on user testing by creating more interactive prototypes and running a few more workshops.

As a whole, I’m very happy with how the site has come along and is now hitting the customers goals and more.

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