Welcome to the Seychelles

Web Design | 2019


The challenge for Seychelles is to tell the story and showcase the hidden gems across the 115 islands.

We needed to create an interactive map, which will work responsively from desktop to mobile, that allows the user to explore the featured points of interest.

My role was to lead the design aesthetics and the functionality throughout the site.

Final design of the BBC website

Discovery & Exploration

In the research stage of the project, I was fortunate enough to be able to have a couple of meetings with the client themselves, this allowed me to get a great understanding and clear view of what they would like to achieve with the website and more importantly, to be able to develop a relationship with them.

Once we were all happy with the goals of the page the next step was to define the aesthetic of the site. This was a straight forward process of creating a mood board of illustrations and discussing this with the client to find out what particular style they like and contacting the illustrator after.

Map of the Seychelles


With their goals in mind, and a few ideas of functionality I was able to sketch out a few ideas. Once I was happy with a particular wireframe, I was about to create an interactive prototype using Invison Studio. From here, I was able to show this around the office to gather feedback and additions.

Below are two interactive prototypes that were used.

Visual Design

Below are a few selected screens from the final design.

Final desktop and mobile screens.

Outcome & Future considerations

Overall we were thrilled with the end result and how it also achieved its important goal: to tell the stories of the Seychelles islands and making it easy for visitors to explore amazing content.

Moving forward, in my utopian world, it would have been great if I was able to have more time to add in some fun features to map, for example hidden easter eggs or a message in the bottle.

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