Vantage Pharmacy

Landing Page | 2018


Vantage Pharmacy is a fusion of a pharmacy, beauty and wellness centre in Knightsbridge. The challenge was to create a landing page to get them more bookings for their diode laser hair removal service.

Final desktop design

Discovery & Exploration

From the get-go we knew that we needed to create a lead generation landing page, however, when creating one it's crucial to understand their main USP’s compared to other pharmacies.

Knowing this, I had a quick discussion with the client to get as much information from them as I could.

One of the simplest solutions I found was going back to basics and using the who/what/why/how method. By asking them what are you offering, why should people use you (personal stories/testimonals), and how are you going to solve their pain point and make people use you?

By using this method, hearing past customer experinces and looking at the analytic data, it made sure that I was able to identify primary user scenarios and provide the most simple and clear solution for the user’s journey.

Photograph of notepad


When creating the wireframes, it was important to keep in mind my discoveries beforehand, while also remembering best practises from my previous landing page learnings.

A few things to keep in mind were, white space - making the content easily digestiable, Few links / one Prominent CTA, testimonials and wayyyy more stuff, honestly the list could go on and on.💪

Photograph of wireframes

Visual Design

Below is the final design.

Final desktop and mobile design

Outcome & Future considerations

Overall, the landing page pulled in some impressive results, pulling in lots of leads for their service. Unfortunately as there was no previous landing page before, I was not able to gather a conversion rate increase.

However, the new page alone averaged a conversion rate of 17%, which the client and I were extremly happy with, but this wasn’t from the get go.

With landing pages, as we all know, it’s very important to keep A/B testing, to constantly develop and tweak the page. This could involve: changing the headline, call to action, photography, adding a video, and so on. We’ll continue to do so to get the best possible page.

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